Polished Concrete Floors – Are They a Good Idea?

I have been getting a lot of questions about concrete flooring, and specifically whether it’s a suitable solution for a family home. While polished concrete has always been popular in industrial and commercial spaces, it’s only become popular in residential buildings more recently.

Concrete grinding┬áis definitely a viable option for the family home. In fact, it’s a relatively cheap and easy to maintain option for young families on a budget.

Some homeowners worry that it will make their home feel less ‘welcoming’ than carpet. But there’s no reason that needs to be the case, if it’s done right. A good concrete polishing company knows how to give the floor the right finish to make sure it looks good and gives your home a nice ‘inviting’ vibe, even without carpet.

Floor Care Tips to Make Your Carpet Last 10 Years Longer

Flooring can be a big investment. Whether you go with a simple solution like Polished Concrete NZ or you want to invest in some top quality carpet, you’ll need to know how to treat and care for your floor if you don’t want to waste a lot of money down the track.

My first piece of advice if you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on carpet is to also source a great company to clean them long term. A company like Local’s Choice who specialise in Christchurch carpet cleaning is going to prove invaluable for saving money and ensuring your carpets don’t get damaged to the point of being beyond repair. Do a little research on what’s involved in the process of professional carpet cleaning and floor care so you’re informed on what you need to be paying for before you actually hire someone. Also check out these Christchurch carpet cleaners who have a reputation for delivering excellent work.

One thing to be super careful about is not just hiring the cheapest company off Google. Check online review sites and find out who has a good reputation. Cheap will almost always end up costing you more when clueless cleaners end up destroying your precious carpets.